Absolutely simple, but powerful concepts. Life changing!

Clayton Osborn

[TLG’s] conflict management and negotiation skills training is a great investment! It is engaging, enjoyable, and completely tailored to the healthcare environment. [TLG’s] approach to conflict management is understandable and achievable. It is thus highly effective in changing the way healthcare providers approach conflict. My management team now looks at conflict much more strategically. We are better equipped to diagnose the sources of conflict, develop options for resolution, and implement a plan and process for managing our way through it. I strongly recommend this training to any healthcare organization seeking to reduce the enormous costs of conflict.

Mitch Edgeworth

Truly provides the ‘spark’ for us! I believe this can be a game changer in the way we view negotiations.

Pete Wooten

Managing Difficult Moments offers a powerful framework for dealing with conflict. I have put the The Lowry Group’s approach to use in many situations with excellent results. This training is an absolute must for those working in today’s complex health care environment.

Peter Hofstetter

John Lowry and Peter Robinson do an exceptional job of connecting to their audience.  It is evident very quickly that their mission is to truly help people become better negotiators.  They do it in a manner telling insightful stories with humor and honesty.  Not only is their content and delivery top notch, but they are also very entertaining.  From an ROI perspective, my sales teams’ average order value on each unit closed went up 19% from the time after their training.  And… our discount percentage went down by 25% (meaning we were able to charge more for our product) after their training.  I have seen their sessions on 4 separate occasions and I will continue having them back to train my organization.

Ryan Hawk
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