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What makes The Negotiation Navigator so valuable?

Successful professionals recognize the importance of effective negotiation skills. The Lowry Group helps people understand and employ a strategic communication process to get a deal or resolve a problem.

The Lowry Group is an outgrowth of the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University School of Law – the #1 ranked dispute resolution program in the country for the past ten consecutive years. Over 75,000 people on six continents have used The Lowry Group’s proven strategies and techniques to land a breakthrough deal or resolve a challenging dispute.

The Negotiation Navigator Live Workshop features Randy Lowry & John Lowry. John has studied and taught negotiation for years in the academic arena, but also has valuable experience as a practitioner through his work as a lawyer, entrepreneur, small business owner, and university administrator. He’s consulted with scores of companies and law firms on how to best manage critical negotiations. Through his work, John’s clients have experienced tremendous success through increased sales, revenue enhancement, or favorable dispute resolution.

Your next level of success may be closer than you can imagine. Once you master the process used everyday to carry on business across the globe, you will find ways to strike better deals and resolve more difficult problems.

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What our clients are saying

8:30AM – Session One

To Improve at Negotiation You Must Focus on Process

Randy and John will kick things off by offering a simple definition of negotiation. Through the use of live polling technology, you will be asked to apply that definition to your work and will discover how central the skill of negotiation is to your professional and personal success. We will then explore a case study showing how the most sophisticated negotiators focus on process to achieve results. This emphasis on managing process will be a theme throughout the remainder of the workshop and will become your distinct advantage as a negotiator.

10:15AM – Session Two

Learning to Manage Yourself as a Negotiator

The Greek philosophers have suggested that the beginning of all education is to “know thyself.” Before you can better manage the negotiation process and the other people involved, you must first understand how to manage yourself. Through two entertaining and eye-opening exercises, you will discover the tension between your instinct to compete and your desire to cooperate. You will learn how to make strategically wise decisions in the face of uncertainty and embrace a helpful new language for analyzing the actions and behaviors of the other side.

12:00PM – Lunch

Grab lunch with a fellow participant and learn about their negotiation adventures. You’ll be amazed by how much you can benefit from other highly successful professionals who are actively applying this new negotiation framework to their work. The relationships grown out of this experience will last for years to come.

1:00PM – Session Three

How to Win a Competitive Negotiation

Competitive negotiation is a highly predictable process. Once you understand how it sets up, how it plays out, and how it ends, you can use this knowledge to deliver outstanding outcomes even when negotiating with highly competitive people. We will teach you how to buy a car and use that common competitive negotiation as a case study for learning the moves you need to make to win. You will then take this new knowledge and test-drive it by participating in a negotiation simulation with a fellow participant. Through this experience, you will clearly identify the most influential move in all of competitive negotiation.

3:00PM – Session Four

The Power of the Opening Offer

How can you make someone feel good about a deal that is good for you and bad for him or her? In this session, we will show you how the opening offer is an outstanding tool for managing expectations and psychologically influencing the other side. You will learn the three strategic decisions that must be made when considering your opening offer and hear several stories of how the opening offer has impacted negotiations involving global affairs, business deals, and even a teenager’s curfew.

4:30PM – Done for the Day

Get some rest or grab some fellow participants and enjoy Music City, USA. This is a great opportunity to continue building your new community of like-minded professionals. We will be glad to point you in the right direction for delicious food and great live music in Nashville.

8:30AM – Session Five

Go Below the Line! – The Four Most Important Words in Negotiation

The more you are able to invent creative options that satisfy your needs and the needs of the other side, the more successful you will be in negotiations. Creating options is the key to overcoming impasse and reaching agreement in negotiations. In many negotiations, the parties’ positions will conflict, but their interests will not. In this session, you will learn how to go below the line to discover interests. By using interests to develop options, you can move others off of their strongly held positions and engage them in a collaborative problem solving approach.

10:15AM – Session Six

A Roadmap for Collaborative Problem Solving

Collaborative problem solving is about asking the right questions, listening the right way, and mutually working toward the right solution. We will offer you an easy six-step roadmap for carrying out this process in a negotiation. You will engage in several fun exercises that will challenge your creativity and problem solving abilities. You will also hear several inspiring stories about people who used this process to bring about a lucrative business deal or peace between two countries at war. After this session, you will understand and be ready to employ the methods of the world’s best dealmakers and peacemakers.

12:00PM – Lunch

1:00PM – Session Seven

Strategy Preparation with the Negotiation Navigator

During session Seven, we will take all the new skills and strategies you have learned throughout the workshop and package them into the Negotiation Navigator preparation tool for you to use in each one of your negotiations going forward. You will use the Negotiation Navigator to prepare for an upcoming negotiation. Because you now have a strategic framework from which to negotiate, you will be more successful in your work and in your life.

3:00PM – Session Eight

Achieving Success Through Durable Agreements

In a negotiation, parties are looking to be satisfied before they agree to a deal. Many assume that satisfaction flows only from the substance of the deal. However, satisfaction also comes from the process used to reach the deal and the way in which people are treated along the way. In this session, we’ll explain the elements of satisfaction and how to achieve them throughout your negotiations. We’ll also share a wonderful story involving our friend Mickey Mouse that illustrates a powerful lesson about satisfaction. Finally, we will wrap up the course with an interactive conversation about how to use this framework to generate your next level of success.

4:30PM – On Your Way

As Winston Churchill once said, “This is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end. This is perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

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